Our Team

Advance Childcare Management is dedicated to providing you with all the advice and support you need as you navigate the workings of the childcare industry. We understand the importance and complex nature of regulations, the Victorian Department of Education & Training (DET) requirements for licensing and funding. In addition, we will ensure you’re compliant with State legislation and Federal funding requirements in relation to childcare subsidy and management systems through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE).


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Robert Papaleo
Managing Director

The Administration team at Advance Childcare Management is led by Robert Papaleo. Rob shares Anna’s passion for the childcare and early learning industry and the impact that a well-run operation can have on the future of our children. Robert’s priorities are to locate and assess the commercial feasibility of future Childcare & Kindergarten locations, manage the planning and construction, internal auditing and compliance reviews of Advance Childcare’s operating practices. Robert is an approved provider of childcare services and has maintained this registration for several years. Robert brings with him extensive experience, knowledge, and skill in the requirements necessary to maintain services approval within statutory regulated and funded sectors. Robert has 15 years experience in many of the fundamental roles within the childcare sector including; locating and completing initial feasibility of potential sites with extensive reviews being conducted on enrolment and commercial forecasting, attending municipal council planning meetings, design and planning, compliance, management, and operations.

Anna Papaleo
Operations Manager

The Operations team is led by Anna Papaleo, whose reputation in the industry is well recognised. Anna’s background in childcare management and her ongoing involvement with training and assessment provides Advance Childcare Management with a strong foundation. Anna is more than your traditional operations manager. Anna’s experience in private, community, council and non-profit organisations has equipped her with the knowledge and skills required to drive a professional and successful operation.  With her customary enthusiasm, results focus and positive energy, Anna can help you balance the many demands of a busy Centre and support you to build a profitable operation and is committed to ensuring a Centre meets the individual needs of all children and their families.