What we do

Advance Childcare Management provides a range of services including full scale childcare solutions, from development through to ongoing operation, to managing services and consultancy.

We understand that every Centre has specific needs and we therefore tailor our solutions to suit your requirements.

With a strong focus on best practice and the latest information, Advance Childcare Management will work with you to ensure your centre is operated at optimum performance, so that you maximise your return on investment.

At the same time, we provide the foundations for safe and nurturing environments to support the development and well-being of children in our care.

Advance Childcare Management continually strives for successful outcomes for our children, our investors and the communities we operate in. We aim to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

Service Management

Advance Childcare Management can support you with all the daily operational requirements of a Centre

Operating a childcare centre demands an understanding of the commercial reality of running a successful business combined with the need to provide a secure and productive environment for the children and families in your care.

Advance Childcare Management can support you with all the daily operational requirements of a Centre. Our Full Service Management is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that the Centre is being managed by a specialist and experienced team and is achieving optimum levels of performance and care.

Our service includes:

  • co-ordinating all licensing, accreditation and consents required to operate the Centre
  • recruiting, training and managing your employees
  • ensuring compliance with the Centre’s policies and procedures, including scheduled reviews in line with accreditation and licensing
  • co-ordinating maintenance and repairs to the Centre, excluding structural
  • arranging and maintaining the necessary insurance policies
  • monitoring Centre expenses against budget and tracking Child Care Benefit funding
  • managing the transition of CCMS (if applicable)
  • operating the Payroll service
  • providing you with management reports to allow preparation of accounting records
  • providing debt collection services
  • preparing a systems audit
  • assisting with strategic planning, marketing and advertising.

We have identified a number of key performance indicators that are required to manage a Centre effectively to achieve the highest return on investment. With our Full Service Management, we will assist you to attain these key performance indicators.

At Advance Childcare Management, we have a maximum ratio of 1 x Operations Manager: 5 x Centres, unlike other management companies with ratios of 1:10-12. This means we are working on-site alongside directors, staff and families on a regular weekly cycle, in addition to daily contact and support.

New Centre Start-up

Building your own Childcare Centre from scratch involves juggling a large number of factors. Advance Childcare Management can support you through the myriad details, from initial site review and concept planning through to the final, successful operation of the facility.

Our experienced team will work alongside you through each stage, to ensure the process is cost-effective and meets your time schedule.

Advance Childcare Management delivers the following support services through the start-up phase. We will:

  • conduct an initial meeting with the relevant Department to establish a good working relationship, with the aim of minimising variances during development
  • advise on the indoor and outdoor play areas and landscape
  • conduct a second site inspection with the Department at lock-up stage, to assess interior details such as electrical fittings, benchtop, door handle and tap heights, prep areas etc. and make any final changes
  • co-ordinate an application to license the business, with an application for Commonwealth funding
  • co-ordinate the fit-out of toys, resources, whitegoods, consumables, plant and equipment to ensure the Centre meets compliance requirements
  • manage staffing requirements in the form of advertising, review of resumes, screening of applicants, interviewing and recruiting. Following their appointment, the Centre Director will also be involved in the recruitment procedures.
  • manage the enrolment process with advertising, signage, handling enquiries, and providing enrolment and parent packs to families
  • provide the intellectual property, such as policies, procedures and programming, to meet regulation and accreditation requirements and to ensure best practice guidelines for staff, children and families.
  • assist with marketing the Centre in the form of logos and branding, signage, advertising, marketing flyers, uniforms, promotional activities and a grand opening of the business
  • co-ordinate the application of suitable childcare software for the management and administration of the Centre and your employees, including childcare benefit payments, wages, accounting, and Centre management reports
  • co-ordinate the implementation of various services, including the administration of staff, payroll, facilities for serving hot meals, sports and science programs, language and computer literacy programs, before and after-school care, vacation care, and courtesy bus, where applicable
  • complete a Competitive Market Analysis on all childcare centres within your catchment area, to assist with setting your Centre’s services and fee structure
  • work with the Centre Director to ensure the Centre is licensed and accredited for the maximum period, and ensure a certificate of practical completion is awarded
  • conduct a final site inspection with the Department, to confirm all compliance and licensing requirements have been met
  • co-ordinate insurances for the business, public liability and building.

Following the successful launch of your childcare centre, Advance Childcare Management can continue to support you with your day-to-day management includes, including our Full Service ManagementManagement Services and Consultancy Services. Our experience in the industry and practical approach to management makes us an ideal partner for the long term.

Consultancy Services

Advance Childcare Management has considerable experience across all facets of childcare centre management. With our Consultancy Services program, we are able to tailor our services on a project basis, to suit your individual requirements.

The range of services includes:

  • due diligence investigations
  • operational assessments
  • centre set-ups — such as systems, policies, fee structure
  • accreditation support
  • licensing support
  • recruitment
  • training and development
  • marketing and advertising
  • buying your own childcare centre
  • staff support and management
  • programming support.

Service provision can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and our experienced team will work with you through the process. Advance Childcare Management has considerable experience in each of these services and we are happy to advise you as required.